How is Openmarkets Advice different?

Openmarkets Advice is different advice tools because it:

  • uses stochastic modelling rather than deterministic modelling
  • uses portfolio optimisation rather than risk profiling
  • combines these two features, stochastic modelling and portfolio optimisation, in a goals-based, holistic modelling tool
  • engages the client through simple demonstration of complex concepts and allows the client and adviser together to work together to finalise a financial plan and investment strategy
  • is easily and highly configurable, so it can model what you want to show to your clients
  • can be used as a lead generation advice tool or to deliver limited or scaled advice to clients efficently

What are the benefits of this?

  • Better client outcomes
  • More client engagement
  • Improved compliance with Best Interest Duty
  • Lower cost of advice
  • Lead generation

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